We offer and supply:

Forms for concrete sleepers are our very important product. We produce the forms either according to customers documentation or we have our own capacities for design of the form according to your requirements drawing of the sleeper and conditions for manipulation with form. We use the precise CNC machined Inlay plates in the area of anchoring points for the rail fastening. These plates are mounted with high precision into form. For the production of forms we use CNC Laser and Bending machines.

We produce all types of forms:

  • Sleepers from pre-stressed concrete
  • Four mould forms
  • Twin mould forms
  • Late form removal (late demoulding)
  • Immediate form removal (instant demoulding)

We deliver the forms for different types of sleepers:

  • Standard mono-bloc sleepers (B90, B70…)
  • Sleepers for switches
  • Non-pre-stressed-reinforcement bi-bloc sleepers
  • Different types of rail fastening
  • Special sleepers according to customer?s requirements

Our moulds are equipped with inlay plates for rail fastening systems according to customer requirements:

  • Vossloh
  • Pandrol
  • Others