We offer and supply:

Our company has several years of experiences with deliveries of machines and components for recycling industry. We produce this equipment as sub-deliveries to system suppliers of complete recycling lines, shredders, separators etc. Our equipment already has been delivered to recycling lines in Germany, Portugal, France, Bulgaria, Suisse, Czech Republic and other countries. We supply equipment for recycling of all types of waste but mainly we are focusing on recycling of electronic scrap. For all types of lines we supply wide range of products.

Conveyors for all kinds of waste and separated fractions:

  • Feeding belt conveyors to shredders ? including transportation of whole refrigerators
  • Feeding lifts to shredders
  • Chain conveyors
  • Belt conveyors for mixed crushed waste
  • Conveyors for carting away of separated fractions
  • Belt conveyors for hot PUR pellets

Next components for recycling lines:

  • Movable (swing) hoppers for conveyors
  • Supporting structures for shredders and separators
  • Filling and dumping hoppers for all machines
  • Machined and welded parts of shredders and separators
  • Steel structures and service platforms

We supply all this equipment either according customer?s documentation or we are able to prepare our own manufacturing documentation based on project of our customer. We make the drawings with our own solutions for particular machines according to specific requirements of end user. We deliver all machines including electric, pneumatic and hydraulic installation.